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The third and fourth are often seen as badly typeset.

This also goes for the fifth, but additionally, depending on the typefaces used, it may imply only females are supposed to apply.

It’s said that he could enter a room, take in what was happening, and leave again without being noticed.

I aspire to do the same, while acknowledging the subjectivity of observation and in the selection of words committed to paper.

Finally, the sixth is both unambiguous and short (even though a few characters longer than the third and fourth).

And of course, hermaphrodites, non-binaries, gender-fluids etc. The reason it is added is due to German antidiscrimination laws and corresponding court rulings.

A German police worker ‘obsessed’ with cannibalism has been charged with torturing, murdering, butchering and eating a man he met on a fetish website.

The suspect, who is currently only identified as Detlev G, is accused of dismembering a 59-year-old man after body parts were found buried in his garden in the Ore Mountains near Dresden in eastern Germany.

There were similar incidents at the public celebrations in Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The attacks sparked an international outcry, a debate about women's rights, the sustainability of Germany's asylum policy, and social differences between European societies and those of North Africa and the Middle East.

Taking place during the European migrant crisis (see timeline), the attacks also led to a hardening of attitudes against immigration.

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But my attempts at semi-invisibility utterly failed on Friday when I met Bettina Blümner.

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