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(If necessary, review the definition of acceleration.) 1.Study each car individually in order to determine the answer.Now “acceleration” means change in velocity, which means any change in speed or direction.At 1g, the speed changes by 10 m/s (22 mph) second, hence 10 m/second-squared.Short duration is obviously better— “Several Indy racing car drivers have withstood impacts in excess of 100 G without serious injuries.” But here, the high g-forces are just for a fraction of a second.

The data at the right are representative of a northward-moving accelerating object.

" If you're a parent, it's a question that you will no doubt hear as your children study the subject.

If you're a student, it is a very natural question to ask, "What's the point of learning algebra in the first place?

If that person walked 100 m [E] in .75 min, 100 m [N] in 1.50 min, 100 m [W] in 1.00 min and finally 100 m [S] in 1.75 min, their average speed would be (400 m)÷(5 min) = 80 m/min. total distance = 100 100 = 200 km total time = [(100 km)/(40 km/h) (100 km)/ 60 km/h)] = 4.17 h average speed = (200 km)/(4.17 h) = 48 km/h BACK TO TOP OF PAGE (average velocity) = displacement ÷ time. Other examples of vectors are force, and field intensity.

You drive a car for 2.0 h at 40 km/h, then for another 2.0 h at 60 km/h. If a person walked 400 m in a straight line in 5 min, that person's velocity would be (400 m [forward])÷(5 min) = 80 m/min [forward] .

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This explains Galileo’s apocryphal experiment of dropping a heavy ball and a light ball from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and finding that they hit the ground at the same time (except for air resistance).

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