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rangevalidator converted input values specific data type before apply any comparison.

by Error Message property we can set rangevalidator validation fail error message text.

These templates can be applied automatically every time you want to display (or edit) a specific data type or Model, using the Html. MVC has built-in templates for standard data types such as strings, but it is possible to override these and add templates for custom types.

By default, MVC uses the type name to search for a matching Editor/Display Template.

This tutorial shows how you can validate the input of users using ASP. NET tools make it easy for you to validate user input, both client-side and server-side.

First we add the form elements from the Toolbox, including the Required Field Validator, Regular Expression Validator and the Validation Summary.

validation ignore if you not set a requiredfieldvalidator and user leave input field without entering any value.The nice thing about it is that this validation can happen both server-side and client-side, and those can be managed from one single place in code.Validation rules are defined by setting attributes on the fields of a Model class, like this: that come with it.this example show you how can we validate date range using rangevalidator control.rangevalidator control force user to select a date from calendar control between a specified date range.

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Range Validator control check whether input control value is within a specified range of values.

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