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If she wants to go the "I'm interested but lets keep this rollin slowly and see where it goes first" route then fine, or if she wants to be more forward that is fine to.Guys who actually like relationships and are interested in having a girlfriend find it very frustrating and baffling when women balk at early commitment. So, you need to show a little more catlike behavior at first to get that pussy (-cat) interested in you. Who will open the spillways and let me love her fully. Women understand this instinctively – we can be extremely interested in a guy, pinching ourselves over our good fortune in attracting this gorgeous man, only to find him unappealing and yes, creepy, within a date or two.In the same way that a man may question the long-term potential of a woman who grabs his junk on the first date, women are wary of men who are “emotionally promiscuous.” 2.

Dating Advice #1: Stop dating for a while If you are no longer enjoying the dating process, don’t force yourself to date.Following modern dating rules will make you feel discouraged and confused.If you’re sick and tired of getting dismal results in your love life, stop following old dating advice that lacks substance and modern dating rules that are confusing.Contrary to what's been said by many guys about women who make the first moves as being a turn on, I sometimes think this takes out the perhaps the "primal role" of guys being the chaser and makes him lose interest faster than opposed to something that he had to put effort in and pursue. If she sleeps with me right off the bat,then how many other guys has she done this too?Not that I like to play head games and let a guy keep guessing, but saying tha mutual interest is established -- more often it seems if the interest (on the woman's part) is kept to a certain level of "I'm interested but lets keep this rollin slowly and see where it goes first" will yield more anticipation from a guy rather than "lets just get down to business" approach. A girl with a wild side(but not all out slutty) is a turn on but I want someone with morals and class also. What works for one set of people, might and probably won't work for another couple, or even if one of the people is with a different person.

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However, it should be noted that in female fantasy, this level of commitment and devotion from a man is hard won, not a thing to be given away lightly.

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    That’s not to say the points laid out here are invalid, instead I believe it necessary to state that some of the ideas have had much further refinement since I originally wrote it.

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