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Dating bronze statues

such as wall-lights, firedogs, and clocks played a very important role in the French interior from the late seventeenth until the early nineteenth century.Closely following the latest stylistic changes, well-known artists and sculptors were responsible for their design.Based on a two-dimensional design, a carver or sculptor would make a three-dimensional model in wood, clay, or wax.A wax mold taken from the model was used for casting by pressing it in a box with sand and pouring molten bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, in the resulting depression.The Nepalese are extraordinary metal workers, and shrines in the Jokhang might well have been filled with the gilded copper images for which they were famed.Indeed, according to Tibetan tradition the Jokhang was built as a shrine to a Nepalese copper image of the Buddha.During the eighteenth century in France, bronze makers were divided into two guilds: that of the , or chasers and gilders.When the guild system was reformed in 1776, both casters and gilders became members of one and the same guild.

One can only imagine the splendour of this temple at the time of its construction, when some of the finest remnants of its glory are these peripheral architectural elements.By its very nature Indian bronze iconography is a massive subject.There are literally thousands of reasons a piece is what it is, as old as it is etc.The "embedded mold" method begins with the original sculpture being halfway embedded in soft water clay.Silicone rubber is meticulously painted on the exposed half; then a plaster shell is fashioned over the hardened rubber.

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