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Dating committment

And to be completely honest, I spent a good portion of my early life closed off and emotionally numb...

You see, when I was growing up, I came from a divorced home.

For many singles, online dating fosters the same mindset due to the overflowing array of potential partners.

This over-abundance of options might lead to an objectification mindset and decreased desire to commit to a single partner.[1] This mentality may cause daters to continue browsing dating sites while already in a relationship.

Too Many Items on the Menu May Decrease Commitment Have you ever lunched at a deli with so many menu items it was virtually impossible to order?

When you finally manage to make a choice, you are lukewarm about your selection, eyeing nearby tables to see if what other diners ordered looks better than the choice you made.

I started to wonder: Is there really a commitment problem among people my age?

Particularly for busy professionals, online dating has evolved from a novelty to a necessity.

In addition, despite the often exhaustive presentation of background, traits, and characteristics, the process of online date selection fails to account for experiential components of relational compatibility.[2] No one can adequately judge compatibility without live interaction, and a less-than-stellar first date may prompt curiosity as to whether a different selection would be a better match, given the plethora of options.

Yet with so many options, online dating can be time consuming given the enormous amount of potential partners to choose from.

The challenge in modern times, for many users, is not dishonesty, but decision-making.

From what I remember, my parents spent a lot more time fighting and getting revenge against each other than they did being in love and romantically connected.

We stood in the warm Southern California night under suburban streetlights: Myself and a bespectacled entertainment writer/director with a boyish face, whom I met on Tinder.

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