Dating running out of things to talk about

but I proved myself wrong when I learned how to solve it.Not knowing how to keep a conversation going can really harm your social life, but if you know how to keep those words flowing, you can meet, talk to, and get to know pretty much anyone you like—creating great possibilities for friendship, fun, and shared activities that you would otherwise have missed out on. If you spent a whole day working or studying analytical or logical subjects, and you don’t know how to switch from that, then it can take a lot of time to warm up and start interacting with people socially.

If the person mentions a class they're taking or a huge presentation at work that week, text them to ask how it went. It works really well when there's a lull in conversation that needs a little boost.

Before we dive into this topic we need to get a couple things out of the way with regards to how men see social situations.

Many guys feel the solution to keeping a conversation going with a woman involves planning a long list of things to say that he can jump into incase he draws a blank.

This is the reflex that allows you to say whatever goes on in your mind. The best way to practice this is to start doing it with people you kind of know—do you dare to try it?

No filtering, no checking with yourself “would I sound cool if I say this? It’s fun to realize that you’re allowed to say whatever is on your mind, and no-one is going to judge you for it.

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While I’m not against planning in almost all aspects of self improvement, when it comes to social situations and conversation, it’s a terrible idea.

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