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Dating traditions in cuba

At that time he also founded the great city of Santiago de Cuba (Cuba’s first capital city), as well as six others.Since 1510 Cuba has became a popular port of call for ships sailing between Europe, Africa, Central America and North America.In a social setting, the use of compañero/compañera has almost entirely replaced the more formal senor/senora.This does not apply when speaking to elderly or strangers, where Cubans use formal speech as a sign of respect.Housing is at a premium in Havana, and it is not uncommon for families to share an apartment.Peninsulares came to earn their fortunes and return to Spain.The mixing of cultures that occurred in Cuba not only brought about the physiognomic miscegenation, but also, different customs, traditions, myths and legends that Cuban people adopted and enriched with his own daily experience and his unique creative fantasy throughout this more than five centuries of existence. Havana Buildings & Architecture - A guide about the architecture of Havana.

There are countless qualities characterizing the sons of this land, they are enterprising, optimist, hospitable, talkative, modest and charismatic people. Cuban Food & Drink Recipes - The perfect mixing of Spanish, African & Caribbean cuisines. Varadero Beach Resorts & Hotels - Online Reservation of Varadero Cuba Hotels.

Their privileged status as colonizers depended on the maintenance of colonial structures; thus, their loyalty was to Spain even if they were lifelong residents of the colony. They were quickly defeated, and most were summarily executed.

But hopes for independence were again different types of dating abuse dashed when Fulgencio Batista, who had in 1934 staged a coup to install himself as a military dictator, seized power again in 1952 and removed the elected president.

Cuban traditions are rich in part due to the racial mix which brings together religions, music, arts, cultures, foods, drinks and more from several places f the world.

In this site we will guide you to explore the diversity of the Cuban Traditions.

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Overview Although Christopher Columbus (on 27 October 1492) officially discovered Cuba, aboriginal tribesmen (Taino) lived in modern-day Cuba for centuries before this date.

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