Gnome 3 battery icon not updating Chat free sex regeln

Gnome 3 battery icon not updating

Binary package hint: gnome-power-manager When I have the laptop plugged to the AC power, the battery indicator shows me the real value of percentage of my battery level.Nonetheless, when I unplug the AC power and use the battery of the laptop, the battery indicator tells me that the "laptop battery is charged" even though it is not fully charged.

and also when i recharge my laptop even if it is at 80% the icon is completely full. EDIT: I realized that the issue is about icon theme (I use numix-circle), with the default theme "Adwaita" it looks working well Seems to me that there are icons missing, and if they are not found the system falls back to the full battery icon. Are you using a different battery indicator or the standard one?

In the Indicator app, it used to always show the battery level indicator.

The battery indicator was there consistently since upgrading to 14.04 a month ago, and has only started to be shy about appearing within maybe the last few days.

The troubleshooting steps are in a wacky order because I wasn't directly troubleshooting the battery icon, but doing other stuff too.

Now, it's missing entirely: I've looked in the power settings to make sure it's set to show no matter what: I assume "When battery is present" means "show the battery indicator whether charging or plugged in or whatever, just as long as the physical battery is in the laptop." I also tried the other option, "When battery is charging or in use", but that doesn:t make a difference.

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This might change with the upcoming Ubuntu GNOME 14.10, which is using GNOME Shell 3.12.

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