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Internet dating abbreviations

Interpretation: Single White Female seeks Gay Male for friendship only.

Definitions include: Cockfest, BIG PARTY COCK, cool COCK can also mean police Example, Cockfest tonight at my house, its going to be so cock.

"But it would not surprise me if that is taking place.

It’s not uncommon for something that originates as a graphic abbreviation in a written context to be adopted in spoken contexts as a distinct word."Zimmer, too, couldn’t quite place v.’s current resurgence. “But I’m curious myself to know how widespread it is.”But v.'s existence raises a larger question about the direction English is taking.

A: Asian AL: Animal Lover AT: All That B: Black BBW: Big Beautiful Woman (could also mean: Big Breasted Woman) BD: Bondage/Domination BHM: Big Handsome Man Ready to Place Your Free Online Personal Ad?

Bi: Bi-Sexual C: Couple (could also mean: Cute, Christian) D: Divorced D/D Free: Drug and Disease Free F: Female FA: Fat Acceptance FS: Financially Secure (could also mean Financially Stable, not to be confused with SF, which would stand for Single Female) G: Gay H: Hispanic I: Indian IPT: Is Partial To ISO: In Search Of J: Jewish K: Kids L: Lesbian (could also mean: Latino, although H for Hispanic is more commonly used even by Latinos.) LDR: Long Distance Relationship LS: Legally Separated LTR: Long Term Relationship LD: Light Drinker M: Male (could also mean: Married, but this is not common usage and normally only used in swingers-type personals) ND: Non-Drinker NK: No Kids NM: Not Married (could also mean: Never Married) NS: Non-Smoker P: Professional S: Single W: White (could also stand for: Widowed, examine context of ad) WAA: Will Answer All (as in will respond to all contacts/questions about their online personal ad) Wi: Widowed WLTM: (Would Like To Meet) WTR: Willing to Relocate X: Extreme (could also mean adult situations OK) Y: You (Your) Putting it All Together Now that you know what the basic abbreviations found in online personal ads stand for, how about a few examples of real personal ads headlines that use these acronyms?

looking for fun or whatever Ha ha ha....maybe CANADIAN...especially since she used 'eh' in her response. I am still going with the Canadian thing only because she used the word 'eh'. Most women wear mens clothes anyways (t-shirts, boxers to bed, etc.) and no one ever bats an eye.

Have you ever been confused as to what all of the abbreviations found in your local newspaper personal ads or online personals actually mean?

The term NSA is most often used when discussing a type of relationship someone is looking for.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Here's a few to consider but if she won't tell you, then you may never know: Chemically dependent ... I had a woman without picture message me, her headline says "Cd looking for fun or whatever" Her profile says that she is looking for Intimate Encounter. Over lunch one day, a co-worker grumbled about something being "v.annoying."It took a second for me to understand what the quick, consonant blip pre-adjective was, and when my brain processed it, I realized something: Yet again, we'd contextualized Internet slang into a colloquialism. OMG, after all, the classic abbreviation—used by squealing pre-teens, shocked parents, and everyone in between to evoke a three-syllabic exclamation of emotions ranging from surprise to ironic excitement—was one of the original text acronyms to be translated from cellphone screen to language (remember those "scandalous" ads with block letter "OMFG" plastered over racy, hazy scenes of the show's Upper East Siders? Then there was LOL (spelled aloud as "el-oh-el," or pronounced alternately as "lawl," or with a zippy z at the end, "lawlz"), whose evocation raised a contradiction—often saying "LOL" means you aren't actually laughing. is one that might be easily sourced initially to textese, the often indecipherable code spoken in the early text messaging era when each message was precious and could only hold 140 characters.

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    In developed parts of the world, there has been a general trend towards ensuring equal rights within marriage for women and legally recognizing the marriages of interfaith, interracial, and same-sex couples.

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