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Holy freaking smokes, the Boston Celtics are finally back! I would've been elated had the Celtics just beaten the Wizards after Arenas' "guaranteed win" comments.Realizing that we're only one game into the regular season, it's nice to see the Boston Three Party aka the Big Three aka the New Big Three aka the Troika aka the GAP Band aka GPA 3.0 aka the PGA Tour aka Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce doing well so far. However, I was beyond bliss because the whole experience was so amazing.30, 1906 as a "Statement from the Road." In the weeks that followed, both newspapers and public officials effusively praised Pennsylvania Railroad for its openness and honesty.Now, a week past the actual birthdate, I got to thinking of my first experience with a press release.She appeared in five episodes of Smallville, one episode of Tru Calling, and one episode of Kingdom Hospital.Although most of her appearances on television shows were as an extra, she landed the part of Kate Austen in the series Lost, and practically became an overnight success.But sport was a huge passion of the actor who played American Football while studying at Columbia University, New York. He plays Benjamin Linus, the creepy former leader of the Others who was raised on the island from the age of eight, brought up by the Dharma Initiative, left the island, killed John Locke and convinced Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sun to return to the island with him where he killed Jacob.A few years before joining the LOST cast, Michael, 55, like Evangeline, made commercials, including an educational one for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in which he played a psychiatrist treating troubled inmates. Better known as the obese, lovable and kind lottery winner Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes who believes his numbers were cursed and he brings trouble wherever he goes, Garcia, 37, had already starred in a successful TV series prior to LOST - successful in the US at least.

But before facing his demons on the island, O'Quinn explored the final frontier when he appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1994. Before being cast as Jack Shepherd, the neurosurgeon with father issues, who leads the survivors, leaves the island, returns three years later and discovers he is one of the 'Candidates', most fans would know Fox, 43, from the 90s TV series Party of Five.

As long as we're posting pics of our celeb crushes, here are mine: Kari from Mythbusters

JPG Paige Davis from Trading Spaces for Kate Beckinsale, WTF did she go and marry that director guy from Underworld for?

That said, I'd like to talk a little bit about the media spectacle and experience that was the Boston Celtics 2007 Home Opener which included: IT... Heck, the basketball game itself was probably only 60% of the experience.

And while it should all really just be about the basketball, I suppose I should thank the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls for pushing us in a direction where attending a professional sporting event includes so much more entertainment.

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Canadian Evangeline, 30, is best known as fugitive Kate Austen who murdered her stepfather, became the love interest of Jack and Sawyer on the island and raised Claire's baby boy Aaron for the three years she was off the island.

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