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GQ: What is it like having this instantaneous feedback on your movies? I’m not on Twitter, but I’ve been checking it, not having an account, and it’s—I mean, I guess there’s nothing to do about it but accept that’s the way it is now. late summer, and they turned them around so quickly and we’re seeing them now, and so that part of the instantaneous, the immediate gratification, it feels more like television than film, so that I like.I mean, even beyond buzz on the shuttle bus or in the bathrooms afterwards, you’ve got people leaving the screenings and Tweeting things immediately.** Lizzy Caplan: **Yeah. The Tweeting business, that’s a little too instant for my liking.AVC: So if the roles are smaller, or they’re supporting roles, you’re more looking at who you’re working with than anything else?

“It was going to become much more of a story of a small town and who gets out and who doesn’t.” And he still dreams of turning the series into a stage musical.

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Out of the group of young actors first gathered together 12 years ago on NBC’s Freaks And Geeks, Martin Starr has kept one of the lowest profiles. MS: Well he sent me the trailers, four different ones. I’m fairly specific about the kinds of things that I want to do. So that certainly played into it, the fact that this is something I’ve never done before, but also, that it looked good. I laughed a lot, so that made me certainly intrigued by it. The sad thing is, the working process in this business can be stressful sometimes.

He’s hasn’t lost a ton of weight like Seth Rogen or written a movie for The Muppets like Jason Segel or done everything under the sun like James Franco. Club: NTSF: SD: SUV started as a parody ad featuring Paul Scheer that was inserted into the web series run of Childrens Hospital. Martin Starr: No, no, but I think everybody else was. One of them was like, 30 seconds long, [one was] a minute long, and [one was] a minute and a half. So I try to make choices so that I can enjoy the experience. MS: Well, not so much for me, but I just watch some people freak out under the pressure of, you know, the money, man.

But he has played memorable supporting roles in some of the funniest cult shows and movies of recent years, from Judd Apatow-blessed movies like Knocked Up and Superbad to the 2009 cult hit Adventureland. Club talked to Starr about NTSF, the prospects of a Party Down movie, and why he wishes he could be a pizza-delivery man, at least for one day. When Paul started to figure out that he could actually make it, then he expanded the idea a little bit and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. So working with my friends, I feel like I have some foresight into how much fun it could be. We’re lucky to be working in this business to begin with. I had an agent at one point that was just—this was years and years ago.

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But then again, you get to hear what people are thinking—like, people, GQ: Obviously, you can’t get away from the fact that the themes of both your movies at Sundance are commitment, fear of commitment, fear of growing up, stuff like that.

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