The art of war for dating Kannada chat love sex

The art of war for dating

By dissecting Sun Tzu's original text, extracting his core wisdom, and applying it to picking up women, this book teaches you how to win the battle of the sexes.

A woman might not be an enemy to conquer--but she is a prize to win over.

This is what the ancient warriors called "mind-f**king".

Create vulnerability in them, stay flexible and ready, strike hard at the exact right moment.

I explain each of them, and give you tactics for salvaging your operation. And this is where Nice Guys get themselves blown to bits every time.

For instance, in the case of a Grenade — this is a friend of your target, who, for whatever reason (and I get into them in the book), is out to make sure she blows up your chances — or with a drunk or jealous Alpha male, the best play is to have a solid Wingman keep them occupied. It’s also the reason so many hot women treat men like lap dogs: Because Nice Guys have been rewarding their poor treatment forever. She’ll just be sleeping with the guy who cuts your lawn. This is one of the hardest things for a lot of guys to get: When she’s being a bitch, you have to treat her accordingly. Finally, another of the Situations is Situation 8: Shooting Down Her Objections.

Today, I have an interview with Eric Rogell, author of The Art of War for Dating: Master Sun Tzu’s Tactics to Win Over Women. About as close as you can get and not need to have a 4-star general on speed dial to give you launch codes when you get her into bed. Poets, songwriters, artists, and writers, all have been equating the two for centuries. even subconsciously we’ve always known war and dating are just about the same thing. Many of the Nine Situations involve things going sideways …

Eric’s going to discuss how the Sun Tzu’s tactics for winning war can help you get more dates, more sex, and more respect from women. Think everything from “All’s fair in love and war,” to “The battle of the sexes,” to “Love is a Battlefield.” Both involve capturing something the other is protecting. obstacles and problems you’ll encounter while you’re with a target.

Get them to chase you by taking something they want, by putting them in danger of losing something, by showing excellence, by giving them competition. Be always ready to strike at a moment's notice from behind a mask of icy composure and flexible, impossible to pin down, subtlety. In a group the only two of any value to you are the strongest and the weakest. Take away the attention of her friends to make her chase you. Get them out of their turf, they will need you more. Be excellent but, to the outside world, formless and unknowable. At the actual moment of making a move, being formless is counterproductive--formlessness is for before, when actually striking you must be hard as a rock. When they are tired, empty, and hungry they will sense your power and want to attach themselves to you. When it is the perfect time to strike, do not hesitate. Be rested, full, and content when you make them come to you. Act as if they were already acting the way you want them to act. Think about the terminology that’s used in both dating and war: Wingman, “shot down,” target, grenade, torpedo, in the field, taken hostage, “mission accomplished” …For example, Situation 2 involves Grenades, Cockblockers and other obstacles like drunks, jealous Alpha Males and even Boring Buddies, you own friends dragging you down by their complete lack of skills.

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