The site is updating now stay tuned

The site is updating now stay tuned

A new release (Release 4 dated 6/9/17) is now available for download.This new release pertains to only certain districts (see Notes tab).We’ve made an effort to listen to your suggestions for small improvements here and there, which we think has resulted in a much better Nexus than what we originally imagined.We aren’t expecting any new major features to ship over the next few months, though we may invest in some small quality-of-life upgrades if we spot good opportunities.If you’re not up to date: Nexus is currently English-only.The content itself goes through the same localization pipeline as anything else at Riot, but the indexed, categorized, searchable Nexus experience is only available to English-speaking players.You will be able to generate the PDF in the language of your choice.In other words, your clients will get their website reports in their preferred language.

There are fears the North Korean missiles have sufficient range to reach the U. He has travelled the world from Sierra Leone to Afghanistan as a videojournalist, shooting and editing pieces for TV, radio and online.

Please keep in mind that the calculations are subject to change after TEA generates a 2016-17 Summary of Finances incorporating the necessary changes.

Identified - At the moment 19.21% of Ecwid storefronts are not available.

That's how seriously I take it." On Tuesday the rhetoric became more inflamed with an exchange of threats between U. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with Trump promising "they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen" and Kim replying that he has a plan for "enveloping fire" around Guam.

None of it would be taken so seriously if military experts had not predicted that North Korea's ICBMs have a range of more 10,000 kilometres, enough to reach well into the U. The Cold War-era civil defence drills like "Duck and cover" may be antiquated, but with the real possibility that North Korean missiles could reach California, officials near potential targets like Los Angeles are dusting off those old nuclear contingency manuals and updating them. Robert Levin, Public Health Officer in Ventura County, 120 kilometres north of Los Angeles.

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