Updating xmltype

Updating xmltype

OBJECT_VALUE COLUMNS reference VARCHAR2(28) PATH 'Reference', requestor VARCHAR2(48) PATH 'Requestor', actions XMLType PATH 'Actions', userid VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'User', costcenter VARCHAR2(3) PATH 'Cost Center', shiptoname VARCHAR2(48) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/name', address VARCHAR2(512) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/address', phone VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/telephone', rejectedby VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'Reject/User', daterejected DATE PATH 'Reject/Date', comments VARCHAR2(2048) PATH 'Reject/Comments', specialinstructions VARCHAR2(2048) PATH 'Special Instructions') t WHERE t.reference = 'EABEL-20021009123336251PDT'; INSERT INTO purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity, unitprice) SELECT t.reference, li.lineno, li.upc, li.description, li.quantity, li.unitprice FROM purchaseorder p, XMLTable('/Purchase Order' PASSING p.and these capabilities, SQL developers can leverage the power of the relational database while working in the context of XML.If you update the text node of an element to null, Oracle removes the text value of the element, and the element itself remains but is empty.In most cases, this function materializes an XML document in memory and updates the value.value that specifies a default mapping or namespace mapping for prefixes, which Oracle Database uses when evaluating the XPath expression(s).If you update an XML element to null, Oracle removes the attributes and children of the element, and the element becomes empty.This information can be accessed through APIs in SQL or Java, using member functions, such as storage from structured storage to LOB, or vice versa, is possible using database IMPORT and EXPORT. You can then change XML storage options when tuning your application, since each storage option has its own benefits.

element SELECT x.query(' /Root/Product Description') FROM T -- update the Product Name attribute value UPDATE T SET x.modify(' replace value of (/Root/Product Description/@Product Name)[1] with "New Road Bike" ') -- verify the update SELECT x.query(' /Root/Product Description') FROM T This example replaces values in a manufacturing instructions document stored in a typed XML column.I am looking for the simple SQL queries which will get value or will update it.For example: I would like to get a HOST value and the result will be: I would like to update attribute PASSWORD with value my_new_password and the result will be: create view xml_scalar as SELECT user_value, password_value, host_value, XML_doc FROM xml_view natural join XMLTABLE('/Parameters' PASSING xml_view.select updatexml( x,'/View/Report Values/Salary Value[@variable="floor"]/@variable','SALES' ) from ( select updatexml( xmltype.createxml(xml.xml),'/View/Report Values/Salary Value[@variable="HR"]/@value','666' ) x from xml ) has been deprecated in Oracle 12c.Since 12c R1 the recommended way to manipulate XML is XQuery Update Facility.

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For example if I was to update question ID 1 which only has one answer, I could do something like: However, I'm having trouble this time updating question ID 2, since there are multiple answer nodes and I do not know which node the content that needs to be updated will be in.

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