Validating date in oracle Free hardcore webcam chat

Validating date in oracle

I had a problem with a date query using the operator 'between'.

WHen I do Select * from table where date is between '01-JAN-02' and '17-JAN-02' it does not give me the records marked with a date '17-JAN-02' I have to change it to '18-JAN-02' to get those. As a developer, is there any way where I can check using the browser or SQL*PLUS whether a web application is set as "STATELESS" or "STATEFUL".

It also helps in validating the data being entered.Once the elements and the links are defined, they are available to be distributed to individual assignments (employees) based on the eligibility. The entries store the name of the element along with the input values, and also the values assigned to them.Later, when payroll is run, payroll manager engine picks the entries with the input values and processes them.The Bean Validation model is supported by constraints in the form of annotations placed on a field, method, or class of a Java Beans component, such as a managed bean. User-defined constraints are called custom constraints. Several built-in constraints are available in the tag.Any managed bean that contains Bean Validation annotations automatically gets validation constraints placed on the fields on a Java Server Faces application’s web pages.

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I thought the between operator use = so i should be getting anything on those dates and between those dates but it does not. The dba said he changed it from stateless to stateful but nothing happened in speed. Can you check all parameters set for the web application?

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