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Mojolicious is an awesome web framework which allow you concentrate on the business logic, while the rest Just Works (tm).

Swagger is “The World’s Most Popular Framework for APIs”.

In July, 2003, the CERT Coordination Center reported a dangerous set of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows' Direct X MIDI Library.

The Direct X MIDI library is a low-level Windows library for playing music stored in the MIDI format.

Swagger is a language for specifying the input and output to your HTTP API. The API rules are based on top of the JSON schema rules, but extends beyond basic data validation and allows you to define a complete API spec.

Mojolicious:: Plugin:: Swagger2 is a plugin for Mojolicious which ties the web framework together with the API specification and automatically builds input/output validation rules.

If your number has leading or trailing whitespace, those patterns won't work.

$/; These lines do not catch the IEEE notations of "Infinity" and "Na N", but unless you're worried that IEEE committee members will stop by your workplace and beat you over the head with copies of the relevant standards documents, you can probably forget about these strange forms.

Instead, these techniques use functions from system libraries or Perl to determine whether a string contains an acceptable number.

Here are some precooked solutions (the Cookbook's equivalent of just-add-water meals) for most common cases: warn "has nondigits" if /\D/; warn "not a natural number" unless /^\d $/; # rejects -3 warn "not an integer" unless /^-? \d*$/; # rejects .2 warn "not a decimal number" unless /^-? General documentation for the module can be found in the Regexp:: Common manpage, but more detailed documentation for just the numeric patterns is in the Regexp:: Common::number manpage.

\d $/; # rejects 3 warn "not an integer" unless /^[ -]? Some techniques for identifying numbers don't involve regular expressions.

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This tutorial show how to build a working blog app, based on kraih’s Mojo:: Pg blog example.

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