We were friends before you started dating jonathan bennett is dating

This probably doesn’t surprise anyone but it’s great to have the research to back it up.

But why do you think a friendship with your significant other will actually increase the odds you will have long-lasting love?

Although not all friendships turn into a relationship, it’s very important to connect on a friendship basis, before diving into a relationship.

Take a look at these 7 reasons why being friends first will help build a healthy and lasting relationship.1.

It would make sense, then, that the person for whom you already do all of these things would make the best relationship partner. The desirability factor is derived from the absence of those things, which ferments that kind of desire that reflects the old adage, “You want what you can't have.”If one of these is more present than the other in the relationship, the relationship will fail.The overlap in what we want from both friends and partners is actually quite significant.In a poll conducted for the women’s website handbag.com, 83% of female participants believed that a purely platonic friendship could exist between men and women.(Are there things you keep secret from your partner? (Are there times you dread spending time with your partner?) You freely give your time, energy and attention to your friends. )We should be giving our relationship partners the same kind of support we give our friends. in Psychology Today, in order for a relationship to be successful, there must be a balance between two very different concepts that reflect both the friendship and passionate parts of a relationship.

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Too often in our romantic relationships, we play a different role. In the beginning, we treat our partner like the best friend we ever had.

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